Day: September 10, 2008

Report from Fort Worth Bishop and Standing Committee

We recommend that this Diocese affiliate with the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone as a member diocese, on a temporary, pastoral basis, until such time as an orthodox Province of the Anglican Communion can be established in North Americsa (sic).

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Palin worries Europeans

Stephen Bates, The Guardian: “Every word Europeans (and many Americans) hear about Sarah Palin chills their blood – none more so than her religious beliefs,

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Property case reaches top NY court

With about 100 similar cases in courts around the country, diocese attorney Thomas P. Smith said this appeared to be the first to reach a state’s top court. At issue is whether the parishioners who built the church own it, or whether they simply held it in trust for the Episcopal Church and the diocese under the national church’s 1979 Dennis Canon.

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Stress and the striving Christian

I remember asking my own rector what day of the week he found best to take off. He said, “Well, I don’t have one regular day off. Enough happens in the parish that it’s hard to take the same day each week. But, I do try to take one whole day each week.” I knew then that he didn’t get a day off each week, and that if I could manage only that I’d be making progress.

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A chosen people

We have seen today, the great truth, that when God does not destroy a people, but, on the contrary, trains and disciplines it, it is an indication that He intends to make something of them, and to do something for them. It signifies that He is graciously interested in such a people.

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