Report from Fort Worth Bishop and Standing Committee


After months of prayerful discernment and extensive consultation with others, both within our own diocese and beyond, we have come to the following conclusion. We recommend that this Diocese affiliate with the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone as a member diocese, on a temporary, pastoral basis, until such time as an orthodox Province of the Anglican Communion can be established in North Americsa (sic).

We have been in conversation about this matter with the Committee on Constitution and Canons, and they will be presenting to Convention the necessary changes to our constitution and canons to enact this realignment.

Read it and previous related reports at the diocesan website.

In a message to clergy, convention delegates, and vestry members, the Executive Committee gives its endorsement and states, “The recommendation will be presented to clergy and delegates to the upcoming 26th Annual Convention for consideration on Nov. 14 & 15, 2008.”

Katie Sherrod writes the reports from the bishop and Standing Committee lead “to the absolutely unsurprising recommendation that the diocese affiliate with the Southern Cone — which it can’t legally do, but that little reality does not bother these guys one teeny bit.”

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