Day: September 13, 2008

Nigeria on re-evangelizing the West, among other things

A Nigerian tabloid has reported on a Metroplitan Community Church congregation in Nigeria that, according to the paper, is “first openly declared gay church in the country.” Along with the story, they’ve noted that both Muslim and Christian Leaders have condemned the church, like homosexuality, as evil, and are using that as a basis for their campaign to re-evangelize the West.

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Playing with creation

Spore is a new video game, created by the same fellow behind the virtual world phenom “The Sims.” This time, he’s taken that virtual world

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Pittsburgh developments

Last winter’s Title IV Review Committee certification that Bishop Robert W. Duncan has abandoned the communion of the Episcopal Church is coming before the House of Bishops this week, according to a Katharine Jefferts Schori memo about the Sept. 18 meeting and despite Duncan’s assertion that the vote itself will violate the Canons of the church.

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Priests in film

Cinematical points us to an indie film that premiered at the Toronto Independent Film Festival earlier this week: “…Dean Spanley, a wonderfully charming and whimsical comedy about an Anglican priest who believes he is the reincarnation of a dog.”

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Saturday morning caffeine break

Megachurches with coffeeshops might not be unusual, but Eastbrook Church in Milwaukee built theirs out of a problem. The church was located next to a bar that had a growing reputation for noisy bikers, drug-deals and violent crime. After a particularly nasty night in which three people were injured in a shooting, the community called for it to be shut down. Eastbrook successfully worked with the bar to–well, acquire it.

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Lift up your health

By Luiz Coelho Celebrant: The Lord be with you. People: And also with you. Celebrant: Lift up your hearts. People: We lift them up to

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Competing authorities

In the mid-third century, the church led by Cyprian was defined by its opposition to a new kind of “demonically deceptive imitation” that was identified by its relative leniency toward penitent sinners and the authority granted to martyred saints and confessors.

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