Nigeria on re-evangelizing the West, among other things

A Nigerian tabloid has reported on a Metroplitan Community Church congregation in Nigeria that, according to the paper, is “first openly declared gay church in the country.” Along with the story, they’ve noted that both Muslim and Christian Leaders have condemned the church, like homosexuality, as evil. The item, along with an Anglican-specific sidebar, indicates that the Nigerian bishops stand in solidarity with Archbishop Akinola, admiring and commending his stance, and themselves resolute, on non-admittance and ordination of gays.

In that sidebar to the story, however, we get this item from an interview with the Venerable Daniel Ilogu of Okrika Anglican Diocese in Rivers State:

Why did white people get involved in the gay issue?

They are very funny people. They keep animals as pets. They kiss animals and carry them like humans. As for their human level, I don’t know what to say, but their Christian level is another thing. They are not good Christians. This is why they are re-evangelizing them. We have our ministers in Britain, America and all parts of the world who are re-evangelizing the white people.

The pieces are here (MCC) and here (Ilogu et al.).

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