Day: November 10, 2008

Night of broken glass

Seventy years ago last night the Holocaust formally began in Nazi Germany during an organized riot since known as “Kristallnacht.” On the night of November 9-10, 1938, 92 Jews were murdered and as many as 30,000 were sent to concentration camps, more than 200 Synagogues and thousands of Jewish businesses and homes were ransacked or destroyed.

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Finding Christian community is hard work

Our baptismal covenant teaches us that Christians need community. Still, finding healthy, supportive Christian community is hard work. Timothy C. Geoffrion reflects on the obstacles to Christian community and the joys of living within it.

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Peace be upon us.

Muslims got rough treatment during the last election. One campaign tried to smear their opponent by claiming Islam is a shorthand for terrorism. The other campaign virtually ignored the Islamic community so that those smears would not stick. Journalist Jonathan Curiel wants to change that.

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AD 597 and why it matters

Hailed by some as the moment of the nation’s salvation, castigated by some as the beginning of Romish errors, St Gregory’s sending of Augustine to become the first archbishop of Canterbury in AD 597 surely ranks among the dates that all Anglicans should know.

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In God’s image

Our Lord Jesus Christ, born truly human without ever ceasing to be true God, began in his person a new creation and by the manner of this birth gave humanity a spiritual origin. What mind can grasp this mystery, what tongue can fittingly recount this gift of love? Guilt becomes innocence,

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