Day: November 21, 2008

Interfaith Reflections on Auschwitz – Birkenau

Earlier this month the Archbishop of Canterbury traveled with the Chief Rabbi to two of most notorious concentration camps of World War II. Both call for a renewed recognition of the fundamental humanity of those with whom we disagree.

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The Advent Conspiracy

A new site is out to change the way we understand the Christmas holiday by recasting it so that it is viewed through the lens of the Season of Advent.

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Reuters swings and misses

An article by Michael Conlon for Reuters details the GAFCON backed plan to create an alternative or parallel Anglican province in the United States. The article has a number of quotes by Bishop Minns of Nigeria and claims that the Communion is likely to recognize his efforts to create this new structure. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of actual balanced reporting in the article.

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Tensions in the English Church

A meeting of Evangelicals in England earlier this month became much more animated than people expected when a controversy arose regarding a vote on Jerusalem Declaration. The Church Times has a detailed account of events which led to the National Evangelical Anglican Consultation’s decision to not ratify the declaration.

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Wild geese

The wild goose is a Celtic symbol of God’s Spirit. Hundreds of migrating wild geese alight on Holy Island each year. They include Canadian Brent and Pink-footed geese. A BBC TV programme entitled Hidden Forces stated: ‘We’ve only just begun to unravel some of the magnetic senses which guide the geese across the world.’ Some geese return to a place after over thirty years of absence.

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The passion of the Holy Land

I recently returned from a 10-day journey to Palestine, Jordan and Israel. This trip was an opportunity to spend time with the new Episcopal Bishop of Jerusalem, Suheil Dawani, whose diocese spans Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Syria and Palestine. What I saw, heard and experienced has brought me to a place where I can no longer sit back and assume that in time all will be well in that troubled part of the world.

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