Day: December 17, 2008

“We were chased by all the religious people”

The women paid heavily for their actions — all the drivers, and their husbands, were barred from foreign travel for a year. Those women who had government jobs were fired. And from hundreds of mosque pulpits, they were denounced by name as immoral women out to destroy Saudi society.

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Williams: a disestablished church has a “certain integrity”

“When you took a vote at the Welsh Synod, it didn’t have to be nodded through by parliament afterwards. There is a certain integrity to that.” But Williams added he believes any push for disestablishment would be on the basis of pushing religion out of the public sphere. “That’s the point where I think I’d be bloody-minded and say, ‘Well, not on that basis.'”

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Views on the splinter

On Faith asks “Should conservative Episcopalians who disagree with U.S. church leaders about homosexuality, women’s ordination, biblical literalism and other issues leave and form a separate denomination?” Panel responses include Randall Balmer, Samuel T. Lloyd III, and John Shelby Spong.

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Cizik backers speak out

I can tell you from some feedback that if the National Association of Evangelicals makes the mistake of rolling back to the classic Christian right agenda, they would lose support of a lot of people who are currently happy to be working with them.

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The hidden plan

We did not make ourselves,

it was the Lord who made us,

and it is the Lord, too,

who has remade us,

setting himself from the start

to accomplish the mystery of our salvation.

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Death by shopping

The crowd that trampled Jdimytai Damour was not rushing toward a food relief convoy. They were not starving as a result of some catastrophic drought or flood. This mob that broke down the doors of that Wal-Mart in Long Island was after discounted televisions and the hottest new toys.

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