Views on the splinter

On Faith asks “Should conservative Episcopalians who disagree with U.S. church leaders about homosexuality, women’s ordination, biblical literalism and other issues leave and form a separate denomination?” Panel responses so far (added as they appear):

Randall Balmer – Conservatives Leaving or Left Behind?

Samuel T. Lloyd III – Division Weakens the Body of Christ

John Shelby Spong – Splinter Episcopalians: Giving Gravitas to Trivia

Willis Elliott – Freedom In, With, and From the Bible

Richard Mouw –

Honor Moore – Walking the Episcopal Tightrope

Episcopal Church Needs Evangelicals

Martyn Minns – A New Start for the Anglican Church in North America

Brad Hirschfield – Defining Loyalty and Betrayal in the Episcopal Church

Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite – Episcopal Conservatives, Check Civil War History

John Mark Reynolds – Anglicans and Their Unwelcome House Guests

Chuck Colson – No Choice But To Separate from Apostasy

William Tully – Episcopalians Falling Out of Love

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