Day: December 24, 2008

Bishop Bakare’s pastoral Christmas message to Zimbabwean Anglicans

We have a litany of challenges that are so destructive and devastating: Cholera, hunger, HIV/AIDs, lack of health care, homelessness, unemployment, poverty, corruption, kidnappings, callousness, harassment, you name it that is a tall order indeed. All these challenges rob us of an opportunity to have a meaningful and purposeful life. –

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Warren clarifies

One day you have soon-to-give-the-inaugural-invocation pastor Rick Warren, clear as a bell, telling Beliefnet founder editor Steve Waldman that gay marriage is morally the same as incest. Now, after Warren gets excoriated from all sides for his views, voila, he’s back with a video of his own. In it, Warren blames the media (honestly, doesn’t that ever get old?) for falsely presenting him

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World’s true Light

Heavenly Father

you made this holy night radiant

with the brightness of your Son Jesus Christ:

help us to welcome him as the world’s true Light

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The Christmas pageant

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Middlebury, Vermont was and is a vibrant church in a small college town where the Christmas pageant was a big deal. The pageant had the whole cast, from Mary to the wise men, to scads of shepherds to angels, to scores of sheep, to a donkey and a cow. The pageant was fun for kids, and was (as I now appreciate) a ton of work for the adults in the church, and was a set- up for all kinds of chaos.

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