Year: 2008

Finding volunteers via Craigslist

In Craigslist’s random ocean of housing swaps, motorcycles for sale and vegan discussion forums, a tiny tide began a few days ago with these words: “Want to volunteer with me on Christmas in D.C.?” With that, Sally Smith, a 27-year-old Texan who this year for the first time couldn’t afford to go home for the holidays, found herself unexpectedly commanding a little holiday army of do-gooders.

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Colorado church loses rector as trial nears

The Rev. Michael O’Donnell said he wanted to leave before the start of the Feb. 10 trial over who owns the $7 million North Tejon Street church property: the Episcopal Church, or the breakaway group led by the Rev. Donald Armstrong, which then affiliated with the conservative Convocation of Anglicans in North America.

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Small voice, big audience

The sixth-rated radio station in the Washington D. C. market is a tiny shop run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Is there a lesson in this for the Episcopal Church? Heck, is there a lesson in this for Episcopal Cafe?

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Ten minutes with Gene Robinson

…I would sit down with Rick Warren this morning if I had the opportunity. I would love to engage him. In some ways he’s a very brave person, but he’s woefully wrong about the issue of homosexuality. He needs to be confronted about the lies he told about gay people to the people of California. ~Gene Robinson

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The disciple whom he loved

For John, the irony is that the cross itself is the very place where the community of love is created. In the midst of his suffering, Jesus begins to weave this community from the small band of people who had the courage to keep company with him as he hung upon the cross, starting with his mother and the disciple whom he loved.

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Greatest gift for Iraqi Christians

Samir Yusef said he and his wife finally returned to their home in Baghdad’s Dora district three months ago after being displaced for two years. About 30% of the Christian families have returned to the neighborhood, he said.

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