Day: January 10, 2009

Meetings are worship

Charles Olsen notes that we often bookend church meetings with perfunctory invocations and benedictions. He suggests that if we redefine activity of the people of

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A gay ordination in Colorado

Ending several years of restraint by the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado in ordaining openly gay and partnered priests, Bishop Robert O’Neill will ordain Mary Catherine Volland, along with three others, to the priesthood at St. John’s Cathedral on Saturday.

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A report from Zimbabwe

Women have figured more prominently in the resistance over the past 10 years and have become increasingly visible. Often they face the police with the bearing and confidence of mothers, grandmothers and older women who deserve traditional respect.”

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A report from the Diocese of Jerusalem on Al Ahli Arab Hospital

Al Ahli Arab Hospital continues to receive and care for many patients each day who are injured, wounded, or burned from the current conflict. Up to 40 new patients are seen each day and many of them require hospital admission and surgery. This increased surgical load places strains on related hospital departments – anesthetics, suture material, operating room linens and equipment, bandages, and surgeons themselves.

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Finding a bishop on the Web

The innovative folks in the Diocese of Minnesota are searching for their next bishop via Web site. Candidates are encouraged to apply online before February

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A crack in the earthen vessel

I think that since a recent hospitalization and diagnosis with the early stages of diabetes, the physicality of Paul’s sufferings have taken on a new meaning for me. In particular, I am struck by his statement that we are “always carrying in the body the death of Jesus.” Apparently, my diabetes is easily treatable, perhaps without medication. But it is still a serious health condition, the first I’ve had, and when I finally pass from this life, it may be what kills me.

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A prayer for the church

Gracious Father, I humbly beseech thee

for thy holy catholic church.

Fill it with all truth, in all truth, with all peace.

Where it is corrupt, purge it.

Where it is in error, direct it.

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