Day: January 31, 2009

Bishop Lambert takes a pass

The suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Dallas spoke with the Corsicana Daily Sun about a legislator’s bill that would override the Dennis Canon. The bishop did not come out against the bill.

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Toronto moves closer to same sex blessings

Episcopal permission be given to a limited number of parishes, based on Episcopal discernment, to offer prayers and blessing (but not the nuptial blessing) to same-sex couples in stable, long-term, committed relationships, as an extension of the current pastoral norms.

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Brian McLaren: sneak preview

“What if the Episcopal Church is poised and positioned for its greatest season of ministry ever? What if difficulties of recent years were actually like pruning on a vine, making way for great fruit and new wine to come? What if historic values and virtues have become like a treasure hidden in the Episcopal Church, waiting to be rediscovered and shared?”

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Peace between all

Peace between victor and vanquished

Peace between old and young

Peace between rich and poor

The peace of Christ above all.

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