Brian McLaren: sneak preview

Brian McLaren is giving the keynote address today at the Diocese of Washington’s annual convention. The diocese will have video available in the not-too-distant future, but here is a little taste of what McLaren proposes to talk about, lifted from my story in the recent Washington Window:

Internationally acclaimed evangelist Brian McLaren has a few questions he’d like to ask:

“What if the Episcopal Church is poised and positioned for its greatest season of ministry ever?

“What if difficulties of recent years were actually like pruning on a vine, making way for great fruit and new wine to come?

“What if historic values and virtues have become like a treasure hidden in the Episcopal Church, waiting to be rediscovered and shared?

“What if there were a few obstacles or barriers that needed to be removed so that future could unfold?

“What would it mean to rise to that occasion?”

It is so refreshing to hear from someone who is optimistic about the future of our church, especially someone of McLaren’s stature. Stay tuned.

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