Day: February 12, 2009

The Covenant creeps along

The Church of England spent a little time debating a technical motion moving forward the process towards some kind of Anglican Covenant. We at the Cafe note that the Church of England took note.

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Do evolution and faith have to fight?

Today is the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin and 2009 is 150th anniversary of the publication of his Origin of the Species. The debate between evolution and religious faith appears to be as American as apple pie.

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A ministry at the bedside

He stopped me because he saw my clerical collar: “You’re the chaplain here, aren’t you?” I nodded and introduced myself. “Do you get to help a lot of people?” Once again I nodded; but I knew that wasn’t where this was going to end. “But, do you get to lead a lot of people to Christ?”

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Caring for the sick

Early in September, a solicitation appeared in the Public papers, to the people of colour to come forward and assist the distressed, perishing, and neglected sick [from yellow fever]; with a kind of assurance, that people of our colour were not liable to take the infection.

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