General Convention legislative committee chairs announced

Legislative chairpersons for this summer’s 76th General Convention in Anaheim have been announced.

According to the Bishop and Deputy Handbook:

Legislative committees are appointed. The President of the House of Deputies appoints the deputies. The Presiding Bishop appoints the bishops. A Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary are designated for each committee by the Presiding Officers.

In the House of Deputies the appointment process begins when each diocese notifies the General Convention Office of the election of its deputies and alternates. Data sheets containing committee preferences are collected from each deputy and are used in the appointment process.

The list of committee chairs is as follows:

Legislative Committees

01 Dispatch of Business: The Rev. James Simons, The Rt. Rev. Wayne Wright

02 Certification of Minutes: Ms. Linda Freeman, The Rt. Rev. Don Johnson

03 Rules of Order: The Rev. Brian Prior, The Rt. Rev. Kenneth Price

04 Constitution: Mr. William Cathcart, The Rt. Rev. Neff Powell

05 Canons: Mr. Tom Little, The Rt. Rev. Catherine Waynick

06 Structure: Mr. David Pitts, The Rt. Rev. James Curry

07 Consecration of Bishops: Ms. Lynn Schmissrauter, The Rt. Rev. Neil Alexander

08 World Mission: The Rev. Gay Jennings, The Rt. Rev. Geralyn Wolf

09 National and International Concerns: Deputy TBD, The Rt. Rev. John Chane

10 Social and Urban Affairs: Ms. Diane Pollard, The Rt. Rev. Bavi Rivera

11 Church in Small Communities: The Rev. Ivette Linares, The Rt. Rev. Thomas Ely

12 Evangelism: The Rev. David Ota, The Rt. Rev. David Jones

13 Prayer Book, Liturgy and Church Music: The Very Rev. Sam Candler, The Rt. Rev. G. Wayne Smith

14 Ministry: The Rev. Silvestre Romero, The Rt. Rev. Barry Howe

15 Education: Mr. Scott Evenbeck, The Rt. Rev. John Rabb

16 Church Pension Group: Ms. Katherine Weathersbury McCormick, The Rt. Rev. Gayle Harris

17 Stewardship and Development: Ms. Pat Abrams, The Rt. Rev. Bud Shand

18 Ecumenical Relations: Ms. Cecily Sawyer Harmon, The Rt. Rev. Edwin Gulick

19 Communications: The Rev. Peter Strimer, The Rt. Rev. Kirk Smith

22 Committees and Commissions: Deputy TBD, Bishop TBD

23 Credentials: The Rev. Elizabeth Tattersall

25 Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance (PB&F): Ms. Pan Adams

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