Day: March 6, 2009

+Niagara speaks with ABC about same-sex blessings

I indicated to Archbishop Williams my intentions with regard to my giving permission for these blessings to begin to take place. We went on to have a very helpful and frank conversation about the implications involved and I expressed my own personal commitment and the strong desire of the Diocese of Niagara to remain in communication and dialogue with our sister and brother Anglicans around the world.

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Vatican can be named in clergy sexual abuse suits

A three-judge panel from the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the man — who says he was molested in the 1960s by a priest at a Catholic school — can pursue a civil lawsuit against the Holy See because the priest allegedly abused him while serving in a religious capacity.

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Prop 8 legality being tested

Proposition 8, a voter-passed addition to the California constitution that overturns the ruling of the state’s Supreme Court earlier in the year which ordered same-sex

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Bishop Lee to serve at Grace Cathedral

The Diocese of California announced today that Bishop Peter Lee, the bishop of the Diocese of Virginia will serve as Interim Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Lee will begin this ministry in October of this year and will serve until the new dean has been installed.

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Prayer in the desert

This week I’ve been having an online discussion with a small group of friends around the world. We’ve been talking about prayer. How do we pray? Why do we pray? What, if anything, do we ask for? Do we use words? Or do we pray better through our desires and actions? What is going on in our hearts? These are questions that can become the focus of reflection for each one of us in Lent.

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Listening to your heart

Listening to your heart is not simple. Finding out who you are is not simple. It takes a lot of hard work and courage to get to know who you are and what you want. I never knew what to say if someone asked me at a party, “What do you do?” Artist, writer, therapist, wife, mother—I would be judged by the label I chose.

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