+Niagara speaks with ABC about same-sex blessings

It slipped under our radar at the time, but Bishop Bishop Michael Bird of the Diocese of Niagara (Anglican Church of Canada) met in late January with Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and in their private interview discussed the plans of the diocese to introduce same sex blessings.

Bishop Bird’s letter to his diocese is worth reading in full. Here’s one portion:

I shared with Archbishop Rowan … the overwhelming desire on the part of two Synod’s to move forward with the blessing of committed same-sex relationships for couples who have been civilly married. I also indicated to him my intentions with regard to my giving permission for these blessings to begin to take place.

Archbishop Williams listened carefully to my presentation and there was no doubt that I had his full attention. He thanked me for such a full and detailed report and he indicated how important this opportunity was for him to hear from me personally. We went on to have a very helpful and frank conversation about the implications involved and I expressed my own personal commitment and the strong desire of the Diocese of Niagara to remain in communication and dialogue with our sister and brother Anglicans around the world.

The lead to this story comes from Anglican Journal; ENS carried that story beefing it up with several helpful hyperlinks.

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