Day: March 11, 2009

New bill proposed to further oppress Nigerian gays

Rev Patrick Alumake told the National Assembly the top leadership of the Catholic church in Nigeria supported the bill wholeheartedly. Children wearing T-shirts that said “Same sex marriage is un-natural and un-African”, and “same sex marriage is an abomination” stood in the aisles of the committee room.

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Republicans argue in defense of hierarchical denominations

Bridgeport Bishop William E. Lori said: “The state has no right to interfere in the internal affairs and structure of the Catholic Church. This bill is directed only at the Catholic Church, but would someday be forced on other denominations. The state has no business controlling religion.”

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The flame shall not consume you

Just as I told my children about the Civil Rights Movement, my parents told me about the Great Depression. I heard about the grandfather who lost a farm because he co-signed a note for a less provident brother, the grandfather who kept a farm because a New Deal program enabled him to pay a mortgage note just in the nick of time and a once prosperous great-grandfather who managed to pay off all his depositors in his small town bank before dying a broken man.

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Competing voices

There are many voices competing for our attention in the world today—our families, our coworkers, the homeless and hungry, our politicians. We hear voices hounding us to buy more goods and services, voices instilling fear, hopeful voices, cynical voices, vengeful voices, our own voice of self-preservation.

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