Faith leaders push for FDA control of tobacco

Radio Iowa:

Some religious leaders in Des Moines Tuesday called on the Iowa Congressional delegation to support legislation that would give the U.S. Food and Drug Administration the authority to regulate tobacco products.

Reverend Timothy Bonney of the First Baptist Church of Greater Des Moines says tobacco companies were supposed to have changed their ways after the 1998 state tobacco lawsuit settlement.

But Bonney says the tobacco companies are instead now targeting different audiences, including women and girls. He cited the example of the re-designed Virginia Slims cigarette package. Bonney says the packages are now available in the “attractive” colors of mauve, teal and are half the size of regular cigarette pack so the fit easily into purses or small pockets.

The Des Moines clergy are part of a nationwide effort called “Faith United Against Tobacco.”

Reverend Ron Osborne, of the Episcopal Church of Iowa, said, “We can’t have a society if we lie to each other all the time. Can we?”

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