Day: March 24, 2009

Controversy spreads over Obama speech at Notre Dame commencement

President Obama’s invitation to speak at Notre Dame this spring is causing a number of Roman Catholic leaders to boycott the ceremony, including the Bishop of the local diocese. The problem is centered in the President’s support for keeping abortion legally available in the United States.

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Scottish bishops to observe moratorium

The bishops of Scotland have written that they intend to abide by the request for “gracious restraint” that was made this summer by the assembled bishops of the Anglican Communion in Lambeth.

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Celibacy: a response II

What does a Christian theology of sexuality look like if we begin—as did St Paul and arguably Jesus as well—with an ideal of celibacy? The first major change from our common cultural way of understanding sexuality is that if celibacy is the ideal, than an argument must be made for any and all kinds of sexual relationships. They cannot simply be assumed.

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One of the signs of the present time is the idea of participation, the right that all persons have to participate in the construction of their own common good. For this reason, one of the most dangerous abuses of the present time is repression, the attitude that says, “Only we can govern, no one else; get rid of them.” Everyone can contribute much that is good, and in that way trust is achieved.

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