Day: March 27, 2009

The blue book has been released

The Blue Book, the collection of reports to the Episcopal Church’s General Convention of the work done by its committees, commissions, agencies and boards (CCABs) during the 2007-2009 triennium, is now available online

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John Cheever and the realm of God’s mercy

He struggled to know what to do with the ancient stories, to understand them in the context of the human heart: “Palm Sunday. Ten above zero. …. What am I doing here on my knees, shaking with alcohol and the cold?” And over a decade later, “When we say, ‘Christ, have mercy upon us,’ we don’t ask for a literal blessing, I think. We express how merciless we are to ourselves.”

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Prayers for a restful night

The kind of a night we spend is in a large degree for us to determine. The Christian should at times leave everything in God’s hands, and do nothing but lie back on God’s bosom. The opportunity comes every night when we go to sleep. This is the season when the mind and soul should rest not less than the body.

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