Day: April 4, 2009

Calling all artists

As an artist, you are invited to weave together the threads of your personal and our communal story to create a compelling and hope-filled image, or series of images, that will express the meaning and application of Ubuntu in a way that awakens a new awareness of mission and in a way that invites and challenges your viewers to action.

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Blessing the sun for Passover

Traditionalist Jews and tree-huggers alike are coming together for Birkat HaHammah, a Jewish holiday that falls only once every 28 years, marking the sun’s return

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Fire at Nashotah House

An overnight fire in Waukesha County leaves nothing but a pile of rubble behind at a historic building according to reports from 620WTMJ News. Nobody

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Saturday collection 4/4/09

Here is our weekly collection plate, offering a few of the good things that Episcopalians and their congregations have done that made the news this past week. And other news and poems fit to print.

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A cyber service of remembrance

I went to bed Monday night with my mind awhirl thinking about the folks who were in such pain over Lee’s death. I tried to sleep but the Spirit wouldn’t let me – started to get this idea – this image of a cyber service for all of us who are a virtual family.

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Figuring out what is “meant to be”

When you look at your life what about it is “meant to be?” And what isn’t? What’s a mistake? A sin? A…well…a do-over? What in your life are you grateful for – and what would you like to see redeemed? And can those things be brought together?

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Precious values

Sometimes, you know, it’s necessary to go backward in order to go forward. (Yes) . . . Now that’s what we’ve got to do in our world today. We’ve left a lot of precious values behind; we’ve lost a lot of precious values.

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