Day: April 6, 2009

Grace and St. Stephen’s in Colorado returns to building

While Episcopal vestry member Edward Brown, 47, felt the return to Grace Church was bittersweet – “The body of Christ was injured in all this,” he said – parishioner Bruce MacHaffie was filled with joy as the organ roared and the choir sang. “The is absolutely fabulous,” MacHaffie, 64, said.

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Breakaway church in Virginia needs help with legal bills

The wardens of the Falls Church, Nigerian, have written to parishioners who donated to a capital campaign several years ago, asking them for permission to divert those contributions to help pay legal bills incurred by parishes that have broken away from the Episcopal Church and placed themselves under the authority of Archbishop Peter Akinola.

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A sense of place

The town may be boarded up, but the spirits of good people abound in three abiding institutions: The art association brings the community together with lively theater and museum exhibits; the library provides a center where residents gather and poverty-stricken kids receive warm adult attention with story hours, computer use and help with homework and book selections; the churches continue to draw spiritual seekers who give back to the town.

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Monday in Holy Week

If then we look at the Crucifix—“that supreme symbol of our august religion,” as von Hügel loved to call it—and then at our selves, testing by the Cross the quality of our courage and love; if we do this honestly and unflinchingly, this will be in itself a complete self-examination, judgment, purgatory.

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