ACNA unlikely to be recognized by Anglicans

According to the American Anglican Council’s C.O.O. and chaplain, it is unlikely that Anglican Church in North America, a group headed by Bishop Robert Duncan, will be recognized as a valid expression of the Anglican Communion by the Instruments of Communion.

Douglas LeBlanc reports in the Living Church:

“We do not believe that Canterbury will recognize us, at least while the current archbishop is still in office,” said the Rev. J. Philip Ashey, the AAC’s chief operating officer and chaplain, in a brief speech in the suburbs of Richmond, Va.

Father Ashey spoke at a public library in Henrico County at the invitation of the Richmond Anglican Fellowship. About 70 people attended his speech.”

Additionly, when asked about how the American Anglican Council might cooperate with other Communion-minded organizations, Ashley reported that having reached out to the Anglican Communion Partners more than once that they were turned down each time.

The reason given for that ACP’s decision to demure? The two groups have very different agendas.

Fr. Ashey compared the AAC to the Special Forces of the U.S. military.

“Like Special Forces, we go behind the scenes and we blow up things,” he said, adding quickly that what the AAC blows up is principalities and powers.

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