Day: April 14, 2009

Breaking: Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth files suit

This lawsuit is necessary because of actions and decisions of these former diocesan leaders that sought to alienate property and assets of the Episcopal Church and deprived Episcopalians of their use and benefit. Despite courteous demand, the defendants and others continue to use the name and seal of the Diocese and maintain possession and control over diocesan property….

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We’re not splitting, only slicing

Eight archbishops are meeting in closed-door session at a London hotel this week to review plans for the creation of a new Anglican Communion province to be known as the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) says The Living Church. But under the current canons of the communion ACNA could not be recognized as a province without the consent of the Anglican Church of Canada and The Episcopal Church.

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Holy See rejects Caroline Kennedy

None of the three candidates informally proposed by the Obama administration so far is acceptable to the Pope because of their support for abortion rights, say reliable sources in Rome.

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Jesus condemned sacrificial theology

“I desire mercy, not sacrifice,” Jesus insists, going on to side with the scapegoats themselves. The Gospel is clear. I am with the one cast out. He became one with the rejected and the cast out. And thus he suffered the same fate. This is not to endorse sacrificial theology but to condemn it.

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Bishop Scarfe on the Iowa ruling

The recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling has opened civil marriage for same-sex couples in the state of Iowa on the constitutional principle of equal protection under the law. This ruling clarifies for me what the issue is that is facing the Church. Like so many who support the rights of gay and lesbian people, I thought civil unions would be adequate.

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Again to Paradise

The sword of flame no longer guards the gate of Eden,

For a strange bond came upon it: the wood of the Cross.

The sting of Death and the victory of Hades were nailed to it.

But you appeared, my Savior, crying to those in Hades:

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A comprehensive solution

If there is any one person (other than Jesus) who did start –or who best represents—the Anglican tradition of Christianity, it is Elizabeth I. Reigning just after England had been swung violently back and forth between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, it was she who found a way for the Anglican Church to be both Catholic and Protestant. She represented a way to resolve conflict gracefully in the church.

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