Sydney rectors are advised lay presidency is allowed

Church Times:

A regional bishop in Sydney diocese, Dr Glenn Davies, and the Principal of Moore Theological College, the Revd Dr John Wood­house, have rejected a Sydney lawyer’s argument against allowing diaconal presidency at the eucharist. Their response appeared in the Sydney diocesan newspaper, South­ern Cross, for April. The lawyer, Dr John Bishop, had argued in the March edition (News, 13 March) that a 2008 resolution by Sydney synod that holy communion could be “administered by persons other than presbyters” was illegal. The resolution had endorsed a report from the Sydney Standing Committee arguing that lay and diaconal presidency was permitted on account of two Australian Gen­eral Synod canons: the Lay Assistants at Holy Communion Canon 1973, and the Ordination Service for Deacons Canon 1985. On the basis of the resolution, it is believed that regional bishops have advised Sydney rectors that they may permit diaconal presidency under certain circumstances.

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