Day: April 16, 2009

The betrayal of Archbishop Jesus by the writer Judas

Sometimes we receive a comment that is worthy of being made into an item. We received this one on an item about Archbishop Henry Orombi, who was recently feted with a four-page advertorial in an Ugandan newspaper. A newspaper columnist thought the money poorly spent. Here is a response from Mr. Richard Obura, provincial treasurer of the Church of Uganda.

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The physics of faith

Christian thinkers have long employed insights from sociology, literature, and other fields to augment their ideas of how God works in the world. Yet despite the world-changing insights of science, very few theologians have drawn on physics, biology or geology in the same way. Renowned Anglican physicist-theologian John Polkinghorne wants to change all that.

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The argument from ducks

Somehow we missed this episode of the Colbert Report in which Stephen squares off with Biblical scholar Bart Ehrman, author of Jesus, Interrupted. I am divine and you are the branches, indeed.

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Gay marriage = religious freedom

Many of the arguments against gay marriage come from Christian organizations suggesting that the recognition of gay marriage somehow infringes upon their religious freedom. This video from the Web site Waking Up examines these claims and dismisses them.

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Henry Orombi’s song of himself

“His Grace, the right Rev Henry Luke Orombi, 7th Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, is no doubt a most impressive human being with many achievements. But the four-page supplement, which appeared in the Sunday Vision of March 8 2009, showed much that is wrong with the reality of Christian values in Uganda and with Africa’s “big man” culture in general.”

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Dog bites man

The leaders of GAFCON have found it within their hearts to recognize the schismatic American and Canadian bishops who pay their bills. As five of the seven Primates on the GAFCON leadership council already support breakaway congregations within the Episcopal Church, this has the effect of an organization declaring that it recognizes itself.

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This is your brain on conflict

Jonah Lehrer describes a dynamic that should be familiar to travellers in the Anglican blogosphere: “We’re stuck with a mind that reacts to the mundane mundane worries of modern life … with a powerful set of primal chemicals that, once upon a time, were reserved for moments of “fight or flight”. In other words, we treat everything like an existential threat…

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The Church and young adults: out of sight, out of mind

The good news is that they are hungry for deeper faith, and thrilled for whatever opportunities the church offers them to learn and to lead. The other news is that their home congregations have done nothing to “support them in their life in Christ” since they were confirmed, and very rarely do anything to help them connect with a faith community when they leave home.

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From death to life

By the observance of these forty days, we have wanted to devote ourselves to this, namely, that we should know something about the Cross in this season of our Lord’s Passion. Consequently, we must try very hard also to be found companions of Christ’s Resurrection, moving from death to life while we are in this body.

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