The betrayal of Archbishop Jesus by the writer Judas

Sometimes we receive a comment that is worthy of being made into an item. We received this one on an item about Archbishop Henry Orombi, who was recently feted with a four-page advertorial in an Ugandan newspaper. A newspaper columnist thought the money poorly spent. Here is a response from Mr. Richard Obura, provincial treasurer of the Church of Uganda:

A story is captured in the Gospel of John 12:1-11, in which Judas Iscariot raises very strong objections (v.5) about Mary (bad manners!) anointing Jesus’ feet with very expensive Nard oil (worth one year’s wage/salary). What Judas does not comment about is why Mary and Martha are hosting Jesus to this dinner. The dinner was not cheap. The reason for the Dinner, I want to guess was: Lazarus is back to life, by the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Kevin O’Connor is not happy with the Christians of Church of Uganda spending their own (not from Church Treasury) Shs12m at a dinner and producing pictorial evidence of the work that has been done under the Archbishop. What the pictures did not bring is how many people have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, how many lives have been touched and transformed through the Archbishop’s tireless effort of traversing the Country, and globally. Mr O’Connor, how much would that cost? What about the Church of Uganda’s UCU University, the Schools and hospitals, etc, around the country meant for children of the poor, the Church’s physical presence with the people in Northern Uganda throughout the tragic 23 years of war. How many times has the wonderful O’Connor visited the HIV/AIDS affected and infected, and give them hope for the next day.

The Lord’s reaction to Judas is very telling: John 12:7-8 Jesus said, “Leave her alone…You always have the poor with you, but you do not always have me.” For how long will Henry Luke Orombi be with the Ugandans?

Note John12:11 — “for on account of him (Lazarus) many of the Jews (say Ugandans) were going over to Jesus and putting their faith in him”. The Church of Uganda, which Archbishop Orombi heads, has paid the price of blood, as the cost of Justice and poverty. Kevin could visit Namugongo which is very near, or he could travel to Mucwini where Archbishop Janani Luwum’s is buried and this may awaken him to the reality of Church of Uganda’s contributions to the affairs of Uganda.

Kevin and your followers, it was not just eating and drinking! We would not waste Church resources on that! It was a moment of accountability – What has the Archbishop done in 5 years of leadership of the Church? What else is left for the next 5 years? It was an extraordinary event in Church of Uganda history!

In conclusion, there are similarities for drawing a parallel: Mr Judas O’Connor, for ease of comparison with the Bible character (Judas Iscariot); The events (dinner) are very similar: Dinner in honor of Jesus Christ; Dinner in honor of Archbishop Orombi; the objection is about personal money on a public function for a just cause. The difference is in the comparison of the Archbishop to Jesus. He is not Jesus, but Jesus’ Servant. He deserves a thank you and a commendation. Why has O’Connor not talked about some serious spending of over shs200m for somebody’s wedding reception or some other National celebration to commemorate something that has never been done. Why the Church and its Archbishop?

As a result of that Dinner many got to know the Church of Uganda and its leadership better.

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