Day: May 16, 2009

Star Trek: sign of our times or out of touch?

Part of what has made Star Trek such a powerful franchise has been its eerie habit of taking the barometer of its times (often the best of its times), and of pointing a way forward. It showed the first interracial kiss on American television, and it invented the flip-phone. I hope, for our sake, that Star Trek has finally gotten out of touch.

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Systemic evil and Christianity

Why does biblical religion that sees every person as created in God’s image so easily become a sponsor of human rights violations in the area of sex and gender?

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Saturday collection 5/16/09

Here is our weekly collection plate, offering some of the good things that Episcopalians and their congregations have done that made the news this past week. And other news fit to print.

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Where in the world is Henry Luke Orombi?

Although he couldn’t find the time to be in Jamaica last week to participate in the JSC and close votes in the Anglican Consultative Council, the Archbishop of Uganda is in California this weekend for a bit of continued intervention in other Provinces.

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Surprised, again, by joy

If you have ever been surprised by joy — and confused and flustered by it — then you can relate to how the disciples felt when Jesus came to them in fullness. If you have not yet experienced something of Christ’s resurrection, expect it to come like an impatient wind — to surprise you, and stir you up.

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Tangled vines

A vine by its very nature is going where you do not know, twisting and turning and reaching and growing, surging with life, abiding and yet always on the move. I think Jesus chose this way of telling us who he is on purpose.

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