Where in the world is Henry Luke Orombi?

The Archbishop of Uganda — Africa’s representative on the Joint Standing Committee — missed the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Jamaica last week. (Actually, he’s missed every JSC meeting since being elected.) He says it was due to a long-standing speaking engagement. Which is curious because ACC meetings are scheduled years in advance. And thus doubly curious he left it to the last minute to RSVP. A more timely RSVP might well have meant Africa would have been represented on the Joint Standing Committee. Which makes it curious that he and others have criticized results from the JSC and the ACC. All the more so because Uganda did not send a full delegation to the ACC.

One of the actions of the ACC was to “affirm” the recommendations of the Windsor Continuation Group. These included the three moratoria which include “continued interventions in other Provinces.” Which is curious because although he couldn’t find the time to be in Jamaica last week to participate in the ACC, Archbishop Orombi is in California this weekend.

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