Day: May 19, 2009

Film features voices of African Anglicans

… a new half-hour documentary film helps Episcopalians keep the church’s commitment to listen. Voices of Witness Africa interviews gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Africans about their lives and their relationships with God and the church.

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Child labor increases in global financial crisis

As demand from the West falls and the number of export-driven jobs decreases amid the economic downturn, businesses in countries like Cambodia, India and Thailand are likely to lay off workers without advanced warning, thus forcing families to find other income sources through their children.

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Variety of voices to preach at General Convention

Eight preachers – ranging from the Presiding Officers and the Archbishop of Canterbury to a popular TV correspondent and an internationally-known activist – will be among the many voices at the daily worship services during General Convention 2009

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An age of reform

The Benedictine reform movement provided the impetus for the great burgeoning of English learning and literature—in both Latin and the vernacular—during the second half of the tenth century. . . . The beginning the monastic movement in England is conventionally dated to 940, the year in which Dunstan assumed the abbacy of Glastonbury.

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Truth, metaphor, Star Trek and the Bible

On the surface the episode deals with the problems of communication, especially intra-species communication, with Capt. Picard and an alien captain stuck together in a hostile planet where their only choice is cooperate or die. But how do you cooperate with someone whose language you do not understand?

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Taking from the offering plate

Tough times call for creative solutions. A Texas congregation has responded to local needs by inviting people who need to do so, to help themselves to the offering plate as it passes by them.

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