Taking from the offering plate

Tough times call for creative solutions. A Texas congregation has responded to local needs by inviting people who need to do so, to help themselves to the offering plate as it passes by them.

But their generosity hasn’t been limited to those who attend Sunday worship:

“In the past two months, the 9-year-old church has […] handed out a half-million dollars to members and non-members who are struggling.

‘We’ve taken $200,000 and spread it out to organizations — four local, two missions that are feeding and clothing people in these tough times,’ Slough said. ‘We’ve paid utility bills for members of our church that are unemployed or under-employed.’

His favorite giveaway came three weeks ago. The church gave 1,400 families $50 each and told them to hand it out to someone else.”

Read the full article on CNN’s website here. There’s video linked there in which the pastor discusses whether or not we need to be concerned with whether or not someone is ripping off the congregation when they take the offered money.

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