Day: May 23, 2009

CofE database of clergy from 1540 to 1835

The database, so far featuring over 105,000 “clerical CVs” and counting, is intended to establish the ?rst clear picture of one of the most important professions, ?lling gaps in church history and providing a resource for academics, amateur historians and genealogists.

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Same-sex marriage, conscientious objection and the law

Some scholars are urging states considering same-sex marriage laws to include strong protections for religious organizations. Some are even suggesting protections for individuals and small businesses who offer services for weddings — like photographers, florists, caterers, bakers, wedding planners and musicians.

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Saturday collection 5/23/09

Here is our weekly collection plate, offering some of the good things that Episcopalians and their congregations have done that made the news this past

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Letter crisis

_ worldwide letter short_ge m_y bri_g _ h_lt to the __gli_an _rises if someo_e does_’t _ome up with _ew __ro_yms soo_.

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What happened at the Ascension?

I love the response of the angel in Acts – “why are you standing around looking up into heaven?” In another place they are told go to the city and wait for power from on high. Between his apparent disappearance and the coming of the power of the Holy Spirit, between Ascension and Pentecost, we have what John Westerhoff calls a time of impotence.

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The sacred cause of mission

Constrained by the love of Christ, that love which induced him to humble himself even to the agonies and the death of the cross to rescue us from unutterable woe, we are to prove our faithfulness by a deep and abiding interest for the spiritual welfare of our fellow beings. God has commanded—and he who has tasted and knows that the Lord is gracious, will delight to fulfil his will.

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