Letter crisis

_ worldwide letter short_ge m_y bri_g _ h_lt to the __gli_an _rises if someo_e does_’t _ome up with _ew __ro_yms soo_.

We tip our h_t to Greg Griffith _t Sta_d Firm who h_s well __d truly s_ooped us on this bre_king story:

The world’s supply of the letters A and C has reached dangerously low levels, and officials are preparing to release several thousand “N”s from the world’s strategic reserves, says Dr. Aldus Renaldus, head of the International Acronym Consortium in Brussels.

“We are nearing the point where new Anglican organizations are either going to have to use upside-down V’s with an apostrophe fitted to the middle, or start finding words that begin with something in the P-Q-R-S range, where supplies are more plentiful.” Renaldus added, “Already, we’ve had to resort to snipping off the first part of “W”s, which really limits organizations to italicized logos.” It may “create a sense of urgency,” says Renaldus, but most most acronym experts “just think its a little weird.”

Renaldus cautioned Anglicans, especially Anglo-Catholic churches, councils, networks and associations in North America, to consider very carefully any decision to form new organizations. “We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to provide all the letters they need for their acronym,” he said. “Given the demand, we’re hoping the Asian market responds with increased production, which might also give Western resellers a chance to stock up on surplus R’s and L’s while they’re at it.”

“It’s all very precarious right now,” cautions Renaldus, “All we can do is watch and hope, but it seems like every three years there’s a new run on these letters, and unfortunately we’re in one of those years.”

This was important enough that we donated from our precious supply of endangered letters to bring this story to you.

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