Day: June 26, 2009

Honoring the institution of marriage

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and Sen. John Ensign (and former House speaker Newt Gingrich and senator Larry Craig) oppose same-sex marriages even as they do their best to destroy the institution of marriage in the United States. I pay my taxes. I served in the military. I was an Eagle Scout. In short, I am a good, but second-class, citizen. It’s very hard not to be infuriated by the double standards.

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The political enclave that dare not speak its name

The Sanford and Ensign scandals shine light on “C Street”, where at least five congressmen rent rooms from an organization affiliated with “the Fellowship,” the obsessively secretive Arlington spiritual group that organizes the National Day of Prayer breakfast, an event routinely attended by legions of top government officials.

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“Cliff notes” for the true blue General Convention junkie

Ann Fontaine, clergy deputy from the Diocese of Wyoming, and news blogger for Episcopal Cafe, has read her way through all 192 of the A resolutions in the 2009 General Convention Blue Book so you don’t have to. (And, yes, we know the Blue Book is actually maroon.) Until she reports back, you are on your own for the B, C and D resolutions.

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Straight Outta Compline

Straight outta compline! Thinkin about goin to bed Gotta say my prayers til the day I’m dead I lead the boys instead down to the chapel and said: “You gotta play the shepherd till the sheep are fed!”

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The natural life

I took my coffee out to the porch this morning, putting on my glasses first in case a bird should drop by the birdbath. Instead, a butterfly floated onto the butterfly bush. I have deprived myself of butterflies, I thought sadly. All my life they’ve been dancing in the air, and I’ve had my nose stuck in a book. Even now, I’d be reading the New York Times except that it didn’t come.

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