“Cliff notes” for the true blue General Convention junkie

Ann Fontaine, clergy deputy from the Diocese of Wyoming, and news blogger for Episcopal Cafe, has read her way through all 192 of the A resolutions in the 2009 General Convention Blue Book so you don’t have to. (And, yes, we know the Blue Book is actually maroon this year.)

“A” resolutions are those proposed by the Commissions, Committees, Agencies and Boards that help govern the Church. Until Ann reports back, you are on your own for the twelve B (bishops) resolutions, the 80 C resolutions (from dioceses and provincial synods) and 31 D (deputies) resolutions that were filed as of yesterday.

The text of all resolutions filed to date are available here. A helpful diagram of how the legislative process works is also available, courtesy of Karin Hamilton, director of communications in the Diocese of Connecticut.

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