Day: June 28, 2009

Episcopal Church disputes don’t shake Presiding Bishop

The smile on Katharine Jefferts Schori’s face was a mile wide. A group of Sudanese women had just finished singing, opening a service honoring the 150th anniversary of St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in East Nashville. And now a string ensemble and nearly 300 worshippers had joined in a familiar hymn, as St. Ann’s choir, pastor and other clergy began entering in processional.

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Mission: real and virtual

Through a blog, Facebook, and Twitter Wyoming’s mission trip to Honduras is reported back home as it happens. The immediacy of being virtually present with those on the mission has connected the team, the people of El Ceiba, and Wyoming Episcopalians who support the work from afar.

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Sparta granted women exceptional rights

Upon subjugating its neighbors – whose population vastly outnumbered Sparta’s – Sparta needed its males to focus entirely on training for war and its females to focus on managing the subjugated population and estates. To give the women sufficient capability and incentive, especially in the absence of men, the men had to grant the extra rights to women.

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Studying the Sinai Pantocrator:
Part two

This duality of a serene and compassionate Jesus, and a dark and severe one are very appropriate at a time when the concept of the dual nature of Jesus Christ was being discussed by the Church. The use of light, and also of different facial expressions, reinforce the human and divine natures orthodox Christians believe exist in Jesus Christ. He is simultaneously Mercy and Judge.

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Get up

When Jesus comes to Jairus’s house, he says to the girl, “Get up,” and then he tells the others to feed her. “Get up” is the way it’s translated here, but it could also be “wake up” or “stir yourself.”

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