Day: July 1, 2009

ABC to meet with LGBT Episcopalians

The session is not an official convention meeting and thus there has been no announcement of the plans. However, when contacted by Episcopal News Service, the Rev. Canon Michael Barlowe of the Diocese of California confirmed the details.

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Not so secret theology committee: six of eight names now known

Lisa Fox, who blogs at My Manner of Life, has the names of six of the eight members of the secret panel that the House of Bishops Theology Committee assembled to study same-sex relationships. Bishop Henry Parsley, chair of the commitee, has refused to release the names, but it is hard to keep secrets in a small church. Perhaps the other two members will now come forward.

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Episcopalians encouraged to re-evaluate world mission

How do we effectively communicate the interplay of interdependence and financial independence? How do we support local indigenous leadership today with a focus on self-sustaining, autonomous relationships? “Mission theology has changed and parts of the church are well aware of that. We are not in a colonial model–it’s no longer ‘we have the goods and you will receive them.’ It’s a partnership–we have gifts to offer and something to receive,” said Jefferts Schori. “Mission partnerships expect a mutual relationship. It’s not just about spending money.”

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A shift in consciousness

While the debate rages between the notion of eternal rightness of marriage between one man and one woman and the belief in the justice of extending civil benefits of marriage to partners of the same sex, we perhaps miss what is happening all around the debate. For in the bigger picture, the “framework” itself is changing. A new consciousness is clearly emerging.

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A journey prayer

The path I walk, Christ walks it.

May the land in which I am be without sorrow.

May the Trinity protect me wherever I stay,

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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