Day: July 9, 2009

Live blogging the B033 open hearing

“My name is Gene Robinson and I serve the people of New Hampshire.” He says he couldn’t do his job without the support of his partner and soon to be husband Mark. He says any married bishop would say as much. Given that, why deny a GLBT bishop that kind of essential support.

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Eyes on the floor: B033 and Elephants

Deputy Earnie Bennett, a priest from the Diocese of Central Florida, said the one-on-one conversations the Deputies participated in this afternoon was, “one of those places where I think the Episcopal Church is at its best.” We caught a glimpse a little of the promise that each of us saw as well as the difficulties that confront us as we continue to deal with these stories.

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Some solid links from General Convention

My prayer is about peace against anxiety. I pray that all this concentrated anxiety will not produce chaos and ill will and frustration. My prayer is about the order that might very well be established if General Convention finds a way to honor and bless same-sex relationships. I am glad that those resolutions devoted to such blessings will be considered in their customary ways by the Prayer Book, Liturgy, and Music committee. That would make available an ordered way of life that will make a great and graceful witness to the Anglican Communion and to the world.

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Eyes on the floor: Process and story

I came to General Convention worried that Rowan Williams might be here to twist arms over the Windsor Report, the demands of Primates, dioceses jumping ship, human sexuality, same-sex blessings and marriage, or other points of contention in the greater Anglican Communion. I am pleasantly surprised that he hasn’t done much of that at all.

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General Convention 2009: Title IV 101

You can read elsewhere about Wednesday’s hot debates at General Convention, the panel presentation including the Archbishop of Canterbury, and highlights from the day’s sermons and proceedings. As Convention got into high gear on its first full day, I began my work as self-declared Title IV wonk. Here’s my primer for all you Title IV neophytes out there.

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Hearing no objections

More than thirty people spoke to a packed hearing room, and not a single one spoke against the resolution. As the hearing concluded, one committee member was given the floor and spoke haltingly about some of the reasons people had given him for opposing moving forward with this limited trial of marriage equality.

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