Day: July 10, 2009

The disciplinary canon revisions move forward

Over the past few days, the well-organized and attentively led commission had reached with prayer towards consensus. Members of the commission had initially approached the Title IV revisions with a mixture of skepticism and hope – recognizing the influence that disciplinary canons have over the life of our cherished communities and leadership, especially during periods of their greatest vulnerability and deepest hurts.

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Eyes on the Floor: B033 – A Festering Wound

The frankly bizarre assertion that B033 somehow “worked” as it ought – that it enabled us as a Church to retain a seat at the tables of influence in the greater Communion, and that it somehow brings us towards a healthier state of affairs – was soundly and succinctly contradicted by other members of House. They replied quite simply that relationship in the Communion cannot be bought or codified by resolution.

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Prayerbook Committee hears testimony on marriage equality

The wittiest moment of the hearing came from the Rev. Rick Fabian who explained that Lord Chesterfield opposed building the railroad “because it would encourage the lower classes to travel needlessly” and that, similarly, the greatest threat to the church comes from straight youth who support same-sex unions in overwhelming numbers.

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General Convention, Young Adults, and Mission

Saying one is anti-gay really is the same as declaring that one is an immoral person. To claim, as so many are doing, that one must continue to be an immoral person because Christianity mandates that one be anti-gay does not legitimate the immorality but simply implicates Christianity as an immoral worldview that should therefore be distrusted, criticized or outright rejected.

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