Day: July 18, 2009

Integrity, Chicago Consultation issue statements

“We celebrate the progress we have made toward full inclusion of all baptized people in God’s church and pray that the Spirit will continue to bless the Episcopal Church’s mission and relationships across the Anglican Communion.” – Chicago Consultation

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Resolution C056: it’s our job now

Throughout this Convention we’ve seen the Holy Spirit working through prayerful conversation, public narrative and Indaba-style groups. If we carry that spirit home and into the work of the next three years, we can both realize the promise of what has been accomplished in Anaheim and strengthen our relationships with one another and our sisters and brothers across the Anglican Communion.

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What is the soul?

And pray how, I asked, does this belief in the existence of God prove along with it the existence of the human soul? For God, surely, is not the same thing as the soul, so that, if the one were believed in, the other must necessarily be believed in.

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