Day: August 8, 2009

Two tracks is about fear

Now that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has slapped my church’s wrists for refusing to marginalize gays and has threatened to have us become second-class citizens in the Anglican Communion, I say this to Archbishop Williams: The Episcopal Church has a life. – Tom Ehrich

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Dr. Marion Hatchett

The Lead has learned via email that The Rev. Dr. Marion Hatchett, one of the preeminent liturgical scholars in the Episcopal Church died last night

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Saturday collection 8/8/09

Here is our weekly collection plate of a few of the good things that Episcopalians and their congregations have done that made the news this past week. And other news fit to print.

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Seeing ourselves clearly is always a struggle

What about us? Me and you? The Episcopal Church? Do we share in the cosmic identity and mission of Gold in Christ? Are we citizens of this the City of God? Or is there no sign of it beyond the Byzantine walls of self-delusion?

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Ways of praying

Sometimes, when he was in a convent, our holy father Dominic would stand upright before the altar, not leaning on anything or supported by anything, but with his whole body standing straight up on his feet.

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