Responding to our changing world, or not

The Church Times prints two letters it received concerning the Church of England’s new liturgies combining marriage with baptism of the couple’s children.

Nick Nawrocki writes,

Bishop Steven Platten states in the church press release that this service has been provided “so that the Church can respond pastorally to our changing world”. Resolution C056 passed by the Episcopal Church gives dioceses the ability to provide a “generous pastoral response” to its faithful gay and lesbian couples. How are these situations different? If the Church of England can reinterpret its principles on sex before marriage so easily, is not a serious rethink on its attitude towards gay and lesbian people called for?

Richard Haggis writes,

Some of us have been doing it for years.

If you close the door on people, you can’t be surprised when your church is empty.

Read both letters in full here.

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