Day: August 10, 2009

Are the poor now criminals?

In a depressing yet timely op-ed piece Barbara Ehrenreich points out a growing trend in American urban centers, the criminalization of being homeless. From her

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Can Christians believe in an old universe?

Rather than have faith threatened by the idea that the Earth is older than the literal biblical account of creation leads one to expect, two scientists who are Christian say faith should celebrate the idea.

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Whither South Carolina?

UPDATED – 5PM Later this week, on August 13th, the Diocese of South Carolina is expected to announce its response to the actions of the

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Courage of soul

Eloquence may be suitable for exhortation, reason may be effective in persuasion, but examples are more forceful than words, and it is better to teach by deeds than by words. Lawrence, the blessed martyr, whose suffering makes this day illustrious, was renowned with great honor in this preeminent kind of teaching.

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Bishop Coburn has died

Bishop John B. Coburn, retired Bishop of the Diocese of Massechusetts and former President of the House of Deputies died on Saturday, August 8. According

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TEC and C of E: the makings of a progressive alliance

Perhaps because TEC is a small church compared with some others, and perhaps because it’s had to forge its identity in a much more competitive arena than the C of E with its historic privileges and relationship with the State, TEC appears to me to have imbibed the breadth, the diversity and the challenge of Jesus Christ to bring the Gospel to ALL people.

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