Day: August 27, 2009

Transgender and The Episcopal Church

…with the adoption of four transgender resolutions in Anaheim, the Episcopal Church, often considered a denominational bellwether, is now the largest American church to go officially pro-trans.

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Bishop Chane on the death of Senator Kennedy

Ted’s legacy as a consummate legislator, a champion for the poor and an advocate for those who found themselves on the margins of society will forever be missed and yet never forgotten. He used his position of power and privilege to empower others whose circumstances rendered them bereft of both power and privilege.

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Anglican no longer

The Anglicanism I deal with has become unethical. It is obsessed with sexuality and usually in a harmful fashion. I read too much what the Archbishop of Canterbury writes, and I know this is doublespeak – and doublespeak fails an ethical test of truth-seeking. It becomes harmful when it has victims, when it marginalises, when it alters thought in order to meet a political objective.

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God gives the growth

Our Saviour, being the everlasting Word by whom all things were made, could use the imagery of the natural world more strikingly and appropriately than any one else, to set forth and illustrate the great moral principles which he came to promulgate and enforce. How clearly and powerfully does he teach us,

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