Apocalypse: Top Ten

Paul Asay at Beliefnet offers his top 10 apocalyptic movies. He writes:

The book of Revelation seems perfect for blockbuster movie treatment. It has drama, action, some horrific bad guys, scads of CGI opportunities and–in true Hollywood fashion–a happy ending. But, “Left Behind” movies aside, the film industry has yet to generate an apocalyptic vision of the future that features a truly biblical Apocalypse–and the upcoming doomsday vehicle, “2012” won’t be an exception (it uses the ancient Mayan calendar, which predates the Bible, as a basis for the plot).

Paul Asay’s top ten:

When Worlds Collide

War of the Worlds

The Birds

Night of the Living Dead

Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Reign of Fire

The Day After Tomorrow

Children of Men

I Am Legend

Read about them here.

What are your choices and why?

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