Day: August 28, 2009

Robinson going to Greenbelt

Greenbelt is an annual outdoor Christian arts and music festival held in the UK. They invite many speakers and have many workshops. One the speakers this year is Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. The usual unhappy voices can be heard in response.

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Some Catholic bishops do an about face on health care reform

There was a time when the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops could be counted on as a reliable voice for universal health care and the ethical use of health care resources. Some bishops have decided that their opposition to abortion is more important than health care reform and social justice.

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More on the great western heresy

“Salvation depends on love of God and our relationship with Jesus, and we give evidence of our relationship with God in how we treat our neighbors, nearby and far away.”

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“Every bird that cuts the airy way”

In the yard of the abandoned house next door (awaiting new construction), grass and shrubs have grown up, and a family of deer has taken up residence there. There’s now so much growing next door that they don’t even come into my yard any more. The rabbits, on the other hand, have eaten down just about whatever will grow – and yet there is something lovely, peaceful about them.

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Grains of sand

In Scetis a brother was once found guilty. They assembled the brothers, and sent a message to Moses telling him to come. But he would not come. Then the presbyter sent again saying, “Come, for the gathering of monks is waiting for you.”

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