Web conference with Obama reaches 300,000

Faith in Public Life reports that more than 144,000 people took part in the live webcast with President Obama on health care with a wide variety of religious groups and another 300,000 views have been played afterward.

Hundreds of thousands of people of faith listened to last week’s health care call-in and audio webcast live or streamed it in the following days, demonstrating impassioned support for health care reform among the faith community. More than 144,000 people listened to the live webcast last Wednesday, and since then the call has gone viral – the broadcast has been played a total of 300,000 times. This audience is vastly larger than that of any other recent webcast opposing health care reform. The call-in was also carried live on C-SPAN Radio and local radio stations. Additionally, groups large and small who gathered in homes, community centers and congregations across the country to listen together expanded the audience.

Last Wednesday’s call, organized by the faith community, featured authentic stories from clergy and lay leaders from across America, remarks from President Obama, and a Q&A with White House Domestic Policy Director Melody Barnes. It was an unprecedented public event, bringing together people of faith from across the country to learn more about the health care debate and how to take action to ensure Congress passes legislation that makes health insurance secure, affordable and accessible for all American families.

The call-in webcast was sponsored by 32 religious denominations and organizations including the Episcopal Church.

Last week’s call-in webcast — along with meetings and public events with Members of Congress nationwide, television advertisements, preaching about health care reform, and a major call-in day to Congress — is part of 40 Days for Health Reform, a nationwide effort sponsored by Faith in Public Life, Faithful America, PICO National Network, Sojourners and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.

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