Day: August 31, 2009

Pakistan’s Military Wins Swat Valley Radio War

While Global Anglicanism struggles, dialogues, weathers misunderstandings, fractures, and builds new connections, Global Islam faces similar strains and challenges. NPR reporter Philip Reeves story on an important use of radio in Pakistan tells how a progressive Muslim launched a local radio station to take his more progressive case directly to the women of the Swat Valley.

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Bishop Epting to retire in December

Bishop Christopher Epting, the Chief Ecumenical Officer of the Episcopal Church will retire at the end of 2009. Dr. Thomas Ferguson, his associate officer will serve as interim until a new person is appointed by the Presiding Bishop.

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Old liturgy, young worshippers

In a growing trend, people are noticing that one of the reliable ways to attract a younger congregation of folks in college and their mid twenties is to return to Solemn High Mass rather than making existing forms more contemporary feeling.

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Akinola’s primacy lauded in Nigerian press

A rather over the top article was run in “The Nation” a Nigerian newspaper over the weekend saying in part “…anyone who does not think that Akinola’s Primacy is a resounding success will have an uphill task for a better comparison, as the Church has never had it so good.”

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Plus ca change

But even more startling than the languages, which I am learning slowly (Creole) or recovering after 30 years (French), with 10 other languages in between, is the freedom, the absolute freedom that you find in Haiti.

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The holy island

The early foundation on Lindisfarne must have been very simple. Surrounding the site would be a low wall, too low to keep out armies or even wild animals, but symbolic as a barrier against evil. All within was holy, not only the little wooden church and the dwellings and the work places, but each person and each task.

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