Gene Robinson given standing ovation at Greenbelt

Apparently Bishop Robinson is a bit of hit with the folks attending the annual Greenbelt Festival, a festival of “arts, justice and faith.”

“The Anglican Communion’s first openly gay bishop has received a standing ovation at the Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham. Gene Robinson’s call for a sexual ethic based on integrity and trust was greeted with prolonged applause by festivalgoers.

‘What does it mean to be a sexual being and a fine Christian?’ he asked, before urging Christians to focus less on what two people do ‘in their bedrooms’ and more how each person is ‘a sexual being’.

Greenbelt’s invitation to Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire in the USA, had triggered an attack on the festival from the conservative campaigning group Anglican Mainstream. But while Robinson faced challenging questions after his talk, it was interrupted by frequent applause rather than heckling.”

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